Hallam Community Fete

Saturday 6th July 2019
12pm until 4pm

Celebrating 50 Years since The Moon Landings

With one giant leap to Hallam Community Centre you will be on cloud 9, walking on the Moon and ready to enjoy a fun packed afternoon. It’s 50 Years since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set off in the Apollo Lunar Module to set foot on the moon. To celebrate HCYA, Hallam Primary School and St Luke’s have organised an out of this world summer fete.

What's happening?

And also all of this

To keep your feet on the ground there are lots of stalls to visit including...

Try our moon themed Pimms and Fruit Cocktails
Always a hit!

Thanks to ELR for their great sponsorship which is out of this world.

If you would like to get involved you can by donating plants and bottles.

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